New Reverse Fortunes Origination Tools Offer “Push” Technology, Coaching

Technology is becoming increasingly important as companies seek to streamline programs and promote convenience and ease, and Reverse Fortunes is putting technological advances to use in the reverse mortgage services it offers.

The company recently rolled out several new features which have been in the pipeline for some time.

The most recent is “push” technology that allows leads to go directly into a reverse mortgage Customer Relation Management system (RmCRM), which from there can be “pushed” again into many major loan origination systems, such as MetLife’s Tango.

This bypasses the need for manual data entry and streamlines the whole process of creating quotes for prospective reverse mortgage borrowers, says Eric Hiatt, President and CEO of Reverse Fortunes.

And, by the end of next year’s first quarter, Hiatt continues, Reverse Fortunes expects to be able to push leads from his company’s RmCRM to every loan origination system in the country.

Integrating the RmCRM email and calendar system with Outlook’s email and calendar was another step toward convenience. Syncing the two programs will save a lot of time, money, and energy for companies who use them both, says Hiatt.

Reverse Fortunes now also features MailMerge through its RmCRM, which enables users to generate a variety of customer preset letters using their information. Instead of going through the process of MailMerge through Microsoft Word, Hiatt says, the integration allows users to create letters for contacts within RmCRM, adding that it’s “much simpler and more convenient.”

These features are geared toward those who are already firmly established in the industry, but Hiatt says his company also saw a need for originators seeking “to get up to that next level, where can they go to someone to help them build a market plan, and be coached in how to be successful in the reverse mortgage business.”

With that in mind, Reverse Fortunes introduced the Reverse Mortgage Coach, a title which right now belongs exclusively to Sue Haviland, a reverse mortgage consultant and founder of Reverse Mortgage Success; Hiatt says they’ll probably bring on more coaches in the future.

Although coaching is very common in the forward industry, it hasn’t really caught on yet in the reverse world, says Hiatt. However, he sees it as a need, and thinks people haven’t necessarily realized it yet.

“We’ve set up a three-month program, and basically in that three months, it’s going to be different for every single person that wants to do the coaching,” he explained. “It depends on what their level is. There are a lot of good originators who need help with different aspects…It’s customized to the individual who wants to bring his business to the next level.”

Earlier in the year, Reverse Fortunes launched Lead Central as a way to streamline the reverse mortgage lead purchasing process for originators, which Hiatt says has reached their goals and increased site traffic.

Written by Alyssa Gerace

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