MDA DataQuick will combine its real estate data with Digital Map Products (DMP) mapping technology in a multi-year partnership. MDA DataQuick provides real estate data on specific markets such as home sales in the Miami area. The DMP SpatialStream will power the mapping side of the effort. The companies will form MDA DataQuick PropertyFinder 2G, a nationwide database of property and ownership information. It will include details on property profiles, history, demographics, nearby schools and businesses. John Walsh, president of MDA DataQuick, said the partnership will help customers visualize the real estate data it already provides. “Being able to absorb data visually aids comprehension and analysis and ultimately helps real estate professionals reduce risk,” Walsh said. “By integrating our data with DMP’s spatial technology we are providing the ultimate resource for anyone working in the volatile contemporary real estate market.” Jim Skurzynski, CEO of DMP, said the new partnership is an ideal combination. “Both our companies contribute what we do best and the result is a more powerful and intuitive way to access and analyze data,” Skurzynski said. Write to Jon Prior.