Three Las Vegas residents face mortgage fraud charges for promising struggling homeowners help with their burdensome mortgage debt. However, the relief for homeowners never came, the Nevada Attorney General claims. The AG issued warrants for the arrest of Alex Soria, Sonia Rodis and Hans Johns for operating BioGreen Teck, a business that promised to bring distressed borrowers current on their mortgages. Instead, it is alleged, the company collected fees on providing court documents to the borrowers that did nothing to stop foreclosure. All of the defendants have been charged with two counts of mortgage fraud and two counts of theft. "These arrests are an important step in protecting homeowners. It is appalling that these individuals would make their livelihood off struggling Nevadans, including victims who are over 60 years old,” Cortez-Masto said. "We intend to continue to prosecute this illegal conduct to the fullest extent of the law. Doing so will discourage others from attempting to perpetrate similar schemes upon Nevada’s consumers." The Nevada AG says Soria and Rodis owned BioGreen Teck, which offered a 0% mortgage program that promised to get rid of the borrower's obligation and allow the person to remain title holder of the property. The parties filed two documents — affidavits of fact and deeds of full reconveyance. The victims filed these at the recorder's office, and complained after they ended up facing foreclosure anyway. Soria had once been advised by the Clark County District Attorney that the documents had no legal effect, but he continued to accept money to prepare those documents. Write to Kerri Panchuk.