With hurricane season getting underway, Congress should begin work on a legislative strategy to promote mitigation incentives that will minimize the financial impact of disasters.

As a result, SmarterSafer.org is urging Congress to use federal disaster assistance programs to incentivize mitigation measures.

Additionally, the coalition believes federal funds should be commensurate with state and community plans for rebuilding in resilient ways that use the natural landscape to protect communities. 

"Now that hurricane season is here, we should be reminded of the terrible cost of being unprepared for severe storms," said SmarterSafer.org.

"It’s long past time for Congress to pursue a national mitigation strategy. These kinds of measures will help save taxpayers billions of dollars while protecting the environment, property and human lives."

According to SmarterSafer.org, promoting mitigation measures will ensure properties and communities can withstand hurricanes and other storms.