About 48% of investors interviewed based in North America said that they were planning to commit to private real estate funds in 2013, according to Preqin.

The Preqin investor outlook found that the proportion of investors planning to make commitments over the next year increased from 36% in January 2012 to 53% in January 2013.

"The results suggest that investors are starting to regain confidence in the asset class and, as a result, fundraising may increase in 2013," said Carla Henry at Preqin. 

The improvement in private real estate performance in recent quarters continues to encourage investors to seek, while increasing transaction activity among fund manager signals that many investors are seeking more capital distribution from older commitments, which can be allocated to new funds, Henry noted. 

"Larger investors will typically have capital invested in real estate funds and will need to make investments more frequently to maintain their allocations," Henry stated.