FICO, the company that tracks credit data on most Americans and assigns it a score, blogged about the profile of those lucky citizens with a value higher than 785.

It's not unobtainable, in reality, the FICO post states these "high achievers" are roughly 25% of scorable consumers, or more than 50 million individuals.

"It may come as a surprise that FICO score high achievers are not debt-free. They have multiple credit cards with balances. However, they typically manage their accounts responsibly even if they have had mishaps along the way," the article states.

The hold an average of seven credit cards, four with balances.

For this group, the average credit account is 11 years old, the oldest credit account on file was opened an average of 25 years prior, and the most recent credit account is an average of 28 months old. Some 58% of high achievers did not open an account in the prior year, and 26% opened only one new account.