MRG Document Technologies, a provider of compliance and documentation services for the financial industry, said Monday that it has partnered with Houston-based Encomia, a LOS provider. Both firms touted the new partnership as a step towards paperless mortgages. MRG will route its offering of customized disclosures via the Encomia's eDisclosures platform, which converts disclosure forms into secure, electronically signable documents, compliant with federal and state regulations. “Access to eDisclosures helps lenders and borrowers complete the mortgage process in a fast and efficient manner,� said Drew Krieger, COO of Encomia. “With eDisclosures, MRG and Encomia help lenders come one step closer to providing a paperless mortgage." The mortgage origination business has long pursued paperless, especially as wholesale and correspondent lending grew during the recent housing boom. Less paper friction means easier originations, more brokers jumping in to originate product, and decreased processing costs -- at least, that's the line of thinking. Industry sources I've spoken to, however, have suggested that the push to go paperless has lost at least some of its steam in the past year, as the origination industry has run into a wall. "So much of the technology innovation was centered on pushing the origination process out to brokers," said one source. "Obviously, that's not exactly the market priority it once was." For more information on Encomia, visit; for MRG, visit