Mortgage Outreach Services (MOS) Group, an Irvine, Calif.-based mortgage lender and servicer loss mitigation provider, announced the release of “E-Z Mod,” a loan modification workflow management and tracking system. MOS Group has worked more than 100,000 borrower cases under the Making Home Affordability Modification Program (HAMP). The new software increases loan-level transparency of modification documents and streamlines file tracking and communication for MOS Group employees and clients. The company said its new product reduces document retrieval time and increases effective submission rates from borrowers in the three-month trial plan phase of the modification. “One of the biggest challenges we have seen within the HAMP program has been getting borrowers to return the required documents accurately and in a timely manner, and E-Z Mod was created to address that very issue,” said Greg Hebner, president of MOS Group. “By leveraging this unique technology, MOS Group can help servicers streamline their processes and support the Treasury Department’s goals of assisting as many American borrowers as possible. With E-Z Mod, we can help our clients substantially increase their modification completion percentage while reducing the costs resulting from repeated, excessive and now unnecessary borrower contact on the same loan file,” he added. Write to Austin Kilgore.