Mortgage Returns has launched its True CRM Educational Initiative to train lenders to maximize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and strengthen relationships with their customers, prospects and referral partners. 

The training curriculum for the initiative is based on Mortgage Returns’ True CRM concept, illustrating the limitations of traditional marketing solutions. Participants of the initiative are trained on how to use advanced capabilities that are only available through more comprehensive, modern CRM systems to deliver better results. 

Mortgage Returns uses a variety of teaching tools to train its customers, including workshops, webinars, one-on-one training sessions and newsletters.

"Our TRUE CRM initiative is designed to enable lenders to solve the problems that plague older, more traditional and less complete CRM solutions," said Jim Blatt, CEO of Mortgage Returns. "With the educational initiative, lenders are trained to use the data they already have to reach out to customers and prospects they assumed were unreachable or too expensive to contact, and cost-effectively manage newer, stronger relationships with new and repeat customers."