Lincoln, Neb.-based Mortech Inc., a mortgage technology software company known for its flagship product Marksman, last week announced the release of Leadmark. The new system condenses the Marksman product and pricing capabilities as well as its lead management system in a platform geared toward smaller mortgage businesses and other online mortgage lead purchasers. The platform allows lenders to process up to 100 monthly leads for a price tag as low as $149 per month. Mortech's goal, according to a media statement last week, is to provide smaller companies with a lead management solution that is efficient and affordable. “We’re not selling a product here; we’re providing a proven process to the mortgage lead management challenge...a process in which mortgage professionals can successfully manage their prospects from lead aggregators," said Mortech president Don Kracl in a media statement last week. “We’re extremely proud of Marksman and the vast number of features and functions included within the system. However, this new service is perfect for those smaller guys who want the expertise of Marksman with a smaller price tag.” Mortech said it created Leadmark exclusively with mortgage lead aggregators and mortgage professionals in mind. The system integrates seamlessly with lead aggregators and offers e-mail campaign messages designed to keep lenders in touch with prospects throughout the sales cycle. Disclosure: The author held no relevant positions when this story was published. Indirect holdings may exist via mutual fund investments. HW reporters and writers follow a strict disclosure policy, the first in the mortgage trade.