The amount of commercial mortgage loans entering special servicing swelled 6% in August as 103 loans totaling $1.8bn joined the ranks of specially-serviced loans within the commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) Fitch Ratings reviews. The total percentage of Fitch's CMBS portfolio in special servicing is now 14%. The month's largest addition -- the $375m One Park Avenue loan securing a New York City office property -- entered special servicing due to imminent default after the property's second-largest tenant vacated, the ratings agency said in a structured finance report. Specially-serviced loans still in performing status continue to outweigh those considered non-performing -- by 59% to 41% respectively. This trend may continue through 2009, according to senior director Adam Fox. Performance of commercial mortgages continued to worsen in September as commercial loans faced appraisal reductions and deteriorating delinquency status, according to CMBS and commercial mortgage information provider Trepp. Newly reported appraisal reductions occurred on $4.29bn of loans in September, the firm said in market commentary Thursday. This figure is up 74% from August. There were 219 loans with new, first-time appraisal reductions last month. In September, $3.25bn of loans indicated improving delinquency status, so the net deteriorating over improving was $8.56bn, Trepp said. More than 1000 loans with a total balance of $11.81bn were deteriorating in delinquency status in the month. Write to Diana Golobay.