Private mortgage insurer MGIC (MTG) wrote $2.8 billion in new primary mortgage insurance last month – a figure in line with May levels.

The insurer started the month with 119,091 delinquent loans in its inventory, a number that fell to 117,105 loans after 7,919 cures, 124 rescissions and denials and 3,063 paids.

In comparison, private mortgage insurer Radian (RDN) wrote $4.76 billion in new primary insurance for June, slightly higher than the $4.56 billion in new business reported in May.

Radian started the month with 79,344 loans in its delinquent inventory, a number that eventually subsided to 78,257 delinquencies by month’s end.

During the period, the company recorded a little over 5,000 new delinquencies, 4,361 cures, 1,903 paids and 89 rescissions and denials.