Mortgage tech firm a la mode continues to attract users to its full suite of software for appraisers, with appraisal firm Metro-West signing on to use the company’s Total form-filling products.

Metro-West is an independent staff appraisal firm that signed on to use a la mode’s TOTAL family suite of software products for appraisers. The appraisal company also has a plugin with a la mode's Mercury Network to access high-quality appraisals for its list of lenders.

Using the Mercury Network connection, Metro-West will gain a direct connection to the appraiser’s desktop, so they can better guide the appraisal delivery and update turn times. The plugin also allows Metro-West to customize the rules to ensure compliance with the process.  

"As our client list grows, we're hiring more of the best staff appraisers, and we have to effectively scale our review and quality control operations to keep extremely short turn times," said Benjamin Schomer, vice president of business development at Metro-West. "By removing our old ACI form-filling software restriction, we can work with far more appraisers. The one-two combination of more appraisers and faster turn times positions Metro-West to continue its phenomenal growth."

"With the MercuryDirect plugin and their adoption of TOTAL to expand their reach to the majority of the nation’s appraisers, Metro-West has the right technological foundation to continue to expand very quickly, and very successfully," said Jennifer Miller, president of a la mode’s Mortgage Solutions Division.

a la mode’s Mercury Network has been used by more than 200,000 mortgage professionals in the past 13 years.