Mesa Law Group is integrating the functionality of REST Report, an online financial and debt management service, into its loan modification preparation program. By combining the two, homeowners can see whether a potential modification is consistent with their ability to pay and if it complies with regulations under the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP. Mesa Law launched its LMPP in June as a legal and affordable tool to assist homeowners through the modification process. The program helps homeowners know what lenders look for, identifies information that must be collected, prepares documents and proposes terms for those wishing to contact their lender directly, the firm said. "The program helps those who are current and looking for new loan terms under government guidelines with the knowledge and organization of a legal firm backing them," said Tazwell Randall, vice president of client relations at Mesa Law Group. The REST Report offers the ability to pursue modification at a fraction of the normal cost, the firm said. Write to Christine Ricciardi.