According to a 2011 American Housing Survey profile, homeowners in the U.S. paid a median price of $110,000 for their homes.

This is up 2.3% from the $107,500 that was documented in the 2009 survey. In the past four years, the median purchase price of homes constructed was higher at $235,000, a 2.1% drop from the $240,000 reported for new construction in 2009. 

The survey provides insight into the nation’s housing costs, mortgages and a number of other physical and financial characteristics related to housing in the U.S. The survey is sponsored by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and is conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.

"The last five years remind us how central housing is to each of us personally, to the fiscal health of our cities and counties, and the national economy. For 40 years, the American Housing Survey has provided a unique set of data that connects the detailed characteristics of who is living in homes to the detailed characteristics of the homes themselves," said Kurt Usowski, HUD's deputy assistant secretary for economic affairs. 

"From the American Housing Survey, we can see why people chose to move, how often homes need repairs, and the extent to which housing costs are outpacing income growth. All this information can help inform policymaking around continued recovery in the U.S. and in metropolitan areas around the country."