Tampa, Florida-based Mortgage Contracting Services, a provider of property preservation and inspection services for the mortgage industry, touted first quarter growth tied to technology enhancements and improved vendor management. MCS developed and deployed MCS360 during Q1, a platform that allows real-time transfer of information between MCS, its vendor network and its clients. MCS360 provides instant notification of projects as well as an automated release of completions, bids and invoices, the company said in a press statement Tuesday. MCS also promoted several key executives, including Andrew Rowlands, John Maxwell and Anthony Box. Rowlands was promoted to SVP of information technology; Maxwell took over as SVP of the company's Dallas operations, while Box took over as SVP of the company's Tampa operations. Additionally, MCS said it successfully streamlined its vendor management function, including the introduction of a lead generation program, establishing a national supply chain to leverage cost efficiencies by purchasing materials at a discounted rate, and introducing a new vendor conference that the company said was designed "to share best practices and review industry initiatives and regulations." Many large outsourcers, including MCS, tend to hold "vendor conferences" in much the same way that servicers will hold "attorney conferences" -- while the events are a chance to interact and learn, and a chance to ensure that vendors are following common practices, they are also usually a large driver of revenue for the host large enough to command an attending audience. In the default industry, in particular, the number of "vendor" and "attorney" conferences numbers well near 100 or so. For more information, visit http://www.mcsnow.com.