Roughly 40% of current homeowners surveyed by the online lender exchange LendingTree obtained just one mortgage loan quote before purchasing their home. LendingTree and the Harris Interactive surveyed 1,317 homeowners online, and of those 96% said they compare prices when shopping for anything – except mortgages. This, according to LendingTree, explains why only 28% surveyed feel confident they got the best possible deal on their loan. "Choosing a mortgage is probably the most important financial decision most of us will ever make, yet many consumers simply take the first offer that comes their way," LendingTree CEO Doug Lebda said. "It's a gamble that leaves many borrowers uncertain they've received the best deal on their mortgage." One in five surveyed, or 21%, said they shopped online for a mortgage for the first time, and 70% said shopping around proved frustrating, citing complexity of the terms and just the nature of the process. LendingTree also showed 72% of the homeowners spent the equivalent of a full working day shopping for a loan. One in 10 said they looked for the best deal for the amount of time it takes to brush their teeth. And women were more than twice as likely as men to say they were not involved with the decision. "Our research clearly shows that home buyers and homeowners need help navigating the often complex world of home loan financing," Lebda said. Write to Jon Prior.