Online mortgage lending software provider OpenClose plans to pair its LenderAssist loan origination software with CCMC's Bridgeware interface. The new program streamlines the origination-to-servicing process and cuts down on errors associated with manual entry. The partnership provides lenders with a streamlined data entry option that eliminates the need to manually re-enter loan information from origination into the servicing system. "With the increase in home foreclosures and loan modifications, lenders need the most advanced technologies possible to respond to the increased need for accurate origination and refinance capabilities," said OpenClose's president of operations, J.P. Kelly, in a media statement. "The [Bridgeware] interface creates a new, efficient approach to processing loans, which in turn supplies our customers with the most effective means to serve their borrowers." The first implementation of the partnership involves merging a segment of the Bridgeware interface -- called ccmcBridge -- with LenderAssist, enabling OpenClose users to book loans on the Jack Henry & Associates loan servicing platform. "Now LenderAssist users have the option to easily and accurately service their own loans," said Dana Giesler, a CCMC executive. Write to Diana Golobay.