Congressman Glenn Nye (D-Va.) introduced a concurrent resolution in the House of Representatives calling for banks and mortgage servicers to assist homeowners struggling with toxic drywall, according to a release from his office. HousingWire recently reported a series of lawsuits filed against domestic home builders claiming the drywall imported from China emits sulfur gases that causes health problems and damages air conditioning coils, electrical plumbing components and other materials. The noxious gases released from the drywall affect the upper respiratory tract, causing bloody noses, rashes, sore throats and burning eyes, according to the resolution. The fumes force many families from their homes and into rental housing, which they have to pay for in addition to their mortgage, according to the release. The legislation urges mortgage servicers and banks to provide temporary forbearance on their mortgage payments to help families afford the costs of additional residency. “Recognizing this issue in Congress and formally asking lenders to be a part of the solution will give families more leverage when working with banks or mortgage holders who may be unfamiliar with the seriousness of this problem,” Nye said. “While we work to get families back in their homes, I’m going to try every possible avenue to offer them some relief.” Since January 2009, over 1,300 cases of contaminated drywall were reported across 26 states, according to the resolution. Write to Jon Prior.