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Judge tosses two shareholder lawsuits against Ocwen Financial

Investors alleged false claims about compliance, business practices
Ocwen Financial Corp. on Friday won the dismissal of two securities class actions that arose from alleged compliance issues related to servicer agreeing to a $150 million settlement in 2014, and now shares of the company are trading higher. Read on.
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Too many regulators in the kitchen

SEC says firms face lawsuits from multiple agencies
As more regulators pile the lawsuits on firms, the chances of overlapping investigations quickly escalates, which could disrupt regulatory probes and lead to unnecessary lawsuits.
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Morgan Stanley profits hit by mortgage lawsuits

Investment bank sets aside $1.2 billion to pay court costs
Huge legal costs are becoming a theme in Wall Street fourth-quarter earnings reports, specifically litigation and investigations related to residential mortgage-backed securities and the credit crisis.
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