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Is eminent domain coming to New York City?

Council members push to aid city’s underwater borrowers
Council members Jumaane Williams, Daneek Miller, Donovan Richards, and Mark Levine have joined with the New York Communities for Change and the Mutual Housing Association of New York to push for the city to use eminent domain to aid underwater borrowers.
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Eminent domain: Whose land is it anyway?

HousingWire has covered eminent domain as both a tool some want to use for dealing with underwater mortgages, and as a tool used improperly in real estate deals. CNBC looks at the effects of the landmark Kelo decision now, almost a decade later.
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Is eminent domain ever going to work out?

With eminent domain sinking, CEO leaves
Eminent domain at its core is used to seize land to build public necessities; however, when the very company pushing for the product is dropping the ball, it is hard to jump on board the idea that eminent domain is a good idea.
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