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Facebook making massive changes to ad platform after being accused of enabling housing discrimination

Fair housing groups spur changes to housing, employment, lending ads
Facebook is making significant changes to its advertising platform after the social media monolith was accused of enabling discrimination in housing, employment, and lending. The changes come after years of scrutiny into Facebook's ad practices, which appeared to allow advertisers to purposefully exclude certain people from seeing housing, employment, or lending ads.
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HUD accuses Wisconsin, Ohio landlords of rental discrimination

Charged with discriminating against resident with disabilities, family with children
HUD accused several landlords of discriminating against people with disabilities and families with children, both of which are violations of the Fair Housing Act. The first of the allegations is against the owners of a three-bedroom duplex in Wisconsin for allegedly refusing to rent to a family because they have children. In a separate case, HUD charged Ohio landlords with discrimination for refusing the request of a resident with disabilities to have a designated parking space.
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Facebook cuts thousands of ad targeting options after HUD’s housing discrimination allegation

Will also require advertisers to agree to non-discrimination policy
In the wake of being accused of allowing landlords and homeowners to discriminate against prospective renters and buyers, Facebook is making changes to its advertising policies to remove thousands of targeting options that may have been used to engage in discriminatory advertising.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Facebook responds to HUD’s housing discrimination allegation

Social media giant says discrimination is prohibited by site’s policies
In case you missed it late Friday, HUD accused Facebook of allowing a modern, technologically enhanced form of redlining, wherein Facebook allows advertisers to use its mountains of data to target housing ads to very specific audiences. Here, the company responds. That, and more, in your Monday Morning Cup of Coffee.
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HUD accuses Facebook of enabling housing discrimination

Alleges that social media goliath makes it easier to discriminate
Facebook allows landlords and property owners to discriminate against prospective renters and buyers based on their race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, disability, or other factors, HUD said Friday.
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Civil rights groups bring shocking housing discrimination lawsuit against Bank of America

Claim violations under federal Fair Housing Act
Civil rights groups are coming together to bring a lawsuit against Bank of America and Safeguard Properties Management for alleged fair housing violations. A group of 20 fair housing organizations and two homeowners from Maryland filed a lawsuit against the two companies. The claims the civil rights groups make about the homes is nothing short of shocking.
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MBA CEO David Stevens: Fair lending for the future homebuyer

Critically understanding the data
[Expert commentary] Recently, Reveal News wrote a story lobbing accusations at some banks and mortgage firms of engaging in discriminatory lending practices. Addressing concerns around discrimination is important and this discussion around the issue is long-standing as the nation works to meet the housing needs of American families. Therefore, publishing factual, complete data is critical so the topic can be discussed based on the merit of the facts and without bias.
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