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Real estate contact agent loses it over Mexican flag

Woman goes on rant, YouTube, and then unemployment
Forgetting that yes, this is America, and that therefore people are free to fly whatever flag they want to in their own yard, an Ontario, California woman went on a tear that went viral and cost her the job she held at a real estate company.
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Altisource operations compared to Hitler's inner circle on YouTube

Is this really necessary?
Perhaps Glaucus forgot the original origins of the film, why it was made, and the deep meaning it brought to the legions of filmgoers who can appreciate the power of art to highlight what is perhaps the darkest tragedy of modern humankind. Or maybe it was more, like, "Hitler parody for Ocwen, like, OMG, LMAO," over there at Glaucus.
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The road to recovery, paved with PSAs

The Obama administration joined with the Ad Council to put together a PSA to get more distressed borrowers to reach out for help. According to the recent push, the Ad Council estimates nearly 4 million Americans are more than 60 days behind on their mortgage, "and countless others are only a paycheck away from missing a mortgage payment." I really hope this works, even though the YouTube video has very few views so far as of Wednesday, a couple days after it was posted. It will also run on radio, television, billboards and on the Web.
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How little we really know

As the economic theories of F.A. Hayek and John Maynard Keynes get revisited amid the worst financial crisis in generations, one film producer decided a music video would be a great way to explain the money problems facing the nation. Fear the Boom and Bust shows the 20th century economists ('taches and all) trading their views on markets and policy by spitting 21st century-styled lyrics back-and-forth in a rap video (what else?).
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We're All Rulemakers Now

Running a government must be like walking a tightrope, always balancing the need to dominate with the need to make constituents feel like they have the power. Fail at the first and you'll never have the power to get anything done. Fail at the second and you'll be out of power before you can get anything done. Either way, you fall off the rope.
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