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JPMorgan to face $10B MBS case

Bank hit with class action lawsuit
JPMorgan Chase must face a class action lawsuit by investors who claimed the bank misled them about the safety of $10 billion of mortgage-backed securities it sold before the financial crisis.
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Florida bank to pay all employees “living wage”

First Green Bank ups wages and eliminates salary caps
According to a report from CNN Money, the bank will be giving a raise to 17% of its 66 employees this week to raise their salaries to a level that’s at least double the minimum wage for the state of Florida.
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Mortgage lender C1 Bank files for IPO

Trevor Burgess becomes first openly gay CEO of a publicly traded company
C1 Financial is set to go public with the launch of its initial public offering on Thursday. The firm offers mortgage lending to clients, among other things. It may also have the first openly gay CEO of a publicly traded company in the Fortune 1000.
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Is Google (Bank) coming for you?

Millennials would rather bank with Google, Apple and Amazon
Imagine googling the word “bank” and landing on Google Bank. Or what if every iPhone came pre-loaded with Apple Bank? That’s how easy it would be for them to completely own the market.
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