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Housing Solutions for Those Hardest Hit

Nearly 1,000 struggling homeowners braved 95 degree temperatures today to attend a economic assistance event held at the Dallas Convention Center. The National Urban League's (NUL) 2009 Economic Empowerment Tour stopped in the city, before heading next to Los Angeles and then Washington DC, in an attempt to push those facing economic hardships into a more financially viable situation.
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Bailout Line Continues to Grow

So the mother of all bailouts is upon us, and with the government signaling flexibility on the direction of its Troubled Asset Relief Program earlier this week, the number of door-knockers at the U.S. Treasury has grown interminably long.
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Merrill's Bloomberg Stake May Fetch $5 Billion: Report

Let's start with what's (mostly) known at this point: Merrill Lynch & Co. [stock MER][/stock] is likely to sell assets. After all, CEO John Thain has said the Wall Street firm will not need to raise additional equity, and it's generally assumed that Merrill needs additional capital to weather the ongoing credit and mortgage storm.
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