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Tesla takes next step in solar energy revolution, unveils new solar panels

Already plans production of solar roof
Tesla, which got into the solar energy business last year with the acquisition of SolarCity, is taking the next step in its plan to revolutionize the acquisition, storage, and use of solar energy with the introduction of its own version of solar panels. What does it mean for the solar energy business? And what does it mean for the mortgage business?
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Brookings Institution: For the most part, solar energy is worth it

Location plays a key role
The demand for solar energy is surging. But not everyone is on board with the idea, especially the companies involved. The root of the problem comes down to issues for utilities and the public utilities commissions that regulate them. While the debate was enough to ruin sales in Nevada, these studies disagree.
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First home hunting

Home affordability, neighborhood safety and school quality top criteria for first-time homebuyersDante and Jodi Peduzzi dotted that last "i" in their signatures in December 2009 on...
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