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North Miami mayor on trial for mortgage fraud

Marie Lucie Tondreau contends she was conned by business partner
The mayor of North Miami, Marie Lucie Tondreau, is currently on trial for allegedly taking part in a mortgage fraud scheme that defrauded lenders to the tune of $8 million. Tondreau's lawyer claims that she is a victim too.
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Florida man buys foreclosure, finds dead body inside

Presumed owner hadn’t been seen for three years
William Wilson, of Cape Coral, Florida, purchased the home on SE 19th Lane at auction Tuesday for $96,000. When he arrived at the home Wednesday to inspect his purchase, he found the body thought to be the previous owner, a woman who had been missing since November 2011, in the master bedroom.
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6 housing markets that haven’t recovered

California fills the list
Although it’s been eight to nine years since the housing recovery, not every market is recording strong growth, especially in Florida and California. Here are 6 former boomtowns that still have a long road ahead.
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LeBron James lists Miami mansion for $17 million

He’s taking his talents away from South Beach
The man who calls himself “King James” lived quite large down on South Beach. James’ Miami home checked in at 12,178 square feet, replete with 6 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms. If he gets the full asking price, James will turn a tidy profit of $8 million in just four years.
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Florida bank to pay all employees “living wage”

First Green Bank ups wages and eliminates salary caps
According to a report from CNN Money, the bank will be giving a raise to 17% of its 66 employees this week to raise their salaries to a level that’s at least double the minimum wage for the state of Florida.
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