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Massive subprime mortgage bond portfolio ready to trade

Interested in subprime bonds? More than $2.4 billion is available now
According to bond analytics firm Interactive Data, the $4.6 billion portfolio of vintage debt is the largest of 2014, surpassing the January liquidation of the ING US portfolio from the Dutch State Treasury Agency, which checked in at $4.3 billion.
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$1 billion in subprime mortgage bonds just exchanged hands

Package featured bonds from Countrywide, Bear Stearns, others
Per Interactive Data, $885 million of the $998 million in available debt was subprime mortgages issed by Countrywide and others. The remaining debt was made up of $73 million in bonds backed Alt-A fixed-rate mortgages and $40 million in Alt-A adjustable-rate mortgages.
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$478 million in subprime-boom bonds to hit market

Part of $727 million package scheduled to trade Tuesday
Now, $477.8 million more in subprime debt is available, and at least two of the biggest names in subprime are represented. According to Interactive Data, bonds from both Countrywide and Bear Stearns are part of this package.
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JPMorgan's $13B RMBS settlement far

Bank gives $6M in credited consumer relief
After reaching a $13 billion agreement to settle claims regarding the sale and issuance of faulty residential mortgage-backed securities, JPMorgan Chase is now being held accountable to make sure it is staying compliant on all of the requirements.
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Banks should avoid bailing out other banks

But if they must, the due diligence performed upfront should be show stopping
Some analysts believe JPMorgan Chase was just being a good corporate citizen when it bought Bear Stearns and WaMu in the heat of the financial crisis. Yet, the bank is receiving no favors for taking on the risk.
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