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Fed fines another 5 banks $35.1 million for mortgage servicing and foreclosure infractions

These big banks yet to be penalized
On Friday, the Federal Reserve Board announced another $35.1 million in civil penalties against five banks as part of its effort to terminate enforcement actions, issued in 2011 and 2012, against a total of 10 banks related to residential mortgage loan servicing and foreclosure processing.
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U.S. Bank becomes latest bank to increase wages, hand out bonuses after tax reform

Also making $150 million contribution to bank’s charitable arm
Late last month, after President Donald Trump signed the tax reform bill into law, several large financial institutions announced that they planned to raise employee wages and make other investments thanks to the law reducing the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. On Tuesday, U.S. Bank became the latest bank to take similar action.
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U.S. Bancorp net earnings set new record in 2016

Net interest income grows in fourth quarter
U.S. Bancorp produced mixed results in their fourth quarter, but that did not prevent the company from setting a record year in 2016. The company’s net interest income also showed growth not just for the year, but also in the fourth quarter.
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U.S. Bancorp profits increase in Q2

Earnings come in ahead of expectations
Bancorp just announced its earnings, and the results were better than analysts expected. In a time when banks are struggling to make a profit due to low interest rates, Bancorp came out on top.
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Lehman Brothers suing over crisis-era toxic mortgages

Asks judge to cancel claims by Syncora Holdings and U.S. Bancorp
Lehman Brothers Holdings filed suit against Syncora Holdings, U.S. Bancorp and GreenPoint Mortgage Funding in an effort to try to get “duplicate” claims filed by those three companies against Lehman Brothers thrown out because Lehman Brothers is ready to settle and move on.
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