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WSJ: Rent control law sends New York building values tumbling

"Every spreadsheet in New York just changed," says one broker
New York’s new rent control law could cause rent-stabilized apartment buildings to drop 20% to 45% in value, brokers and investors said in a Wall Street Journal story on Monday. "Every spreadsheet in New York just changed," said Steven Vegh, a real estate broker who sells buildings to investors.
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Boston Globe: A battle is brewing in Beantown to bring back rent control

A statewide referendum abolished it 24 years ago
A rent control battle is fermenting in Boston, 24 years after the practice was abolished in a statewide referendum. Althea Garrison, who became an at-large city councilor in January to replace a member elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in the midterms, introduced a measure this week to cap the amount landlords can charge for apartments.
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Rent control back on the table in California

Golden State Democrats unveil bills to ease rent
The fight for rent control in the state of California is, seemingly, far from over. Months after the state's voters wholeheartedly defeated a rent control initiative in last November's election, the issue of expanding rent control in California has returned to the state's legislature this week after a group of Democratic lawmakers unveiled a series of bills designed to tackle the issue another way.
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Oregon enacts nation’s first statewide rent control law

Rent control and eviction measures go into effect immediately
Oregon just became the first state in the U.S. to enact statewide rent control. The law, which places an annual limit on rent increases of 7% plus inflation, was signed into effect on Thursday by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, who signaled that this won’t be the state’s only step towards addressing affordable housing.
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California voters decisively defeat rent control effort

Nearly two-thirds of voters cast ballots against Costa-Hawkins repeal
In addition to going to the polls Tuesday and picking a new governor, lieutenant governor, a host of new members of the House of Representatives, and re-electing one of their two senators, California voters also soundly defeated a push to increase rent control in the state. While the measure’s supporters surely view the defeat as a setback, an analysis from UBS argues that the proposition losing is actually the best thing for all involved.
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