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HUD investment to allow thousands of children to leave foster care

Awards $30 million to identify youth at risk of homelessness
HUD announced it was making an investment that could allow thousands of children to leave foster care. It awarded $30 million to public housing authorities across the U.S. that identify youth at risk of homelessness and families whose lack of housing is the primary reason their children are in foster care.
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Multifamily projects propel housing starts

Single-family construction falls behind, again
Housing starts increased 1.5% in October, propelled by the multifamily sector, according to the latest report from the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. One expert said this report is a stalemate between the demand and supply sides of the market, which are moving in different directions right now.
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Veteran homelessness drops nearly 50% since 2010

But decrease slows under Trump administration
Veteran homelessness decreased in 2018 and has plummeted since 2010; in some states, veteran homelessness has even been completely eradicated. However, despite these successes, critics worry that the decrease in veterans has slowed under the Trump administration, and even increased slightly in 2017.
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Construction spending holds ground

September sees 7.2% year-over-year gain
The U.S. Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce announced that construction spending during September 2018 was estimated at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1.330 trillion. Notably, the August figure is 7.2% above the September 2017 estimate of $1.24 trillion.
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New Jersey condo association charged with disability discrimination

Condo allegedly forced sight-impaired resident to use separate entrance
A condo association in New Jersey is under fire from HUD as it allegedly forced a resident who is sight- and hearing-impaired to use a separate entrance. HUD also alleges that the condo charged the resident’s daughter a fee for walking the assistance animal in the development’s common areas.
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Wall Street worries lead to weakening housing stocks

Analysts reduce price targets as fears of rising interest rates grow
This week, fear of interest rate spikes contributed to a decrease in housing stocks after analysts lowered ratings and price targets for several companies in the housing industry, according to an article written by Jim Bounds for CNBC.
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Construction spending barely inches forward

August is 6.5% above August 2017
The U.S. Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce announced that construction spending during August 2018 was estimated at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1.319 trillion, only 0.1% above the revised July estimate of $1.317 trillion.
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California's homeless population jumps 13.7% in one year

California lawmakers introduce proposals to tackle affordable housing crisis
More American homeowners are struggling to afford their homes, contributing to a growing divide between America’s haves and the have-nots. This lack of affordability has given rise to California's homeless population, which has jumped almost 14% in one year.
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HUD doubles down against discrimination practices

Brings charges in Massachusetts, California, South Dakota
The U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development is doubling down on the charges it is bringing against housing companies for discrimination. This week, it brought charges against or settled with housing companies in Massachusetts, California and South Dakota.
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