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FirstAm Sees One in Three Mortgages Underwater in Q209

As of the end of June, more than 15.2m US mortgages representing 32.2% -- or roughly one-third -- of all mortgaged properties in the country had fallen underwater in a negative equity position. The proportion of US mortgages underwater in Q209 came in slightly below the 32.5% seen at the end of March, according to data released Thursday by First American CoreLogic.
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First American CoreLogic: Housing Prices Off 10.2%

(Update 1) Housing prices across the nation on average lost a little more than 10% in April when compared to prices one year earlier, according to research from First American CoreLogic, which also said its LoanPerformance Home Price Index saw the pace of price declines slow to their lowest levels this year. Home price declines have been abating throughout the year, peaking at -11.9% during January 2009, according to the firm -- the 10.2% decline posted in April represents the smallest year-over-year decline recorded this year thus far.
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Year-over-Year Home Price Declines Continue: Report

Home prices have declined by at least 10 percent on a year-over-year basis for 11 consecutive months and February preview data indicates the trend will continue, according to a report released Monday by First American CoreLogic. National resale housing prices fell 11.6 percent in January from a year ago. The number of metropolitan markets experiencing price declines was, by far, the highest level tracked by American CoreLogic's LoanPerformance Home Price Index, the company said.
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