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These are the most affordable rental markets

Majority of top affordable metros located in inland markets
A new report by Zillow reveals the country’s most affordable rental markets, measuring affordability by the amount of income that renters need to set aside for monthly payments. According to the company's research, these are the five most affordable rental markets.
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Dow Jones drops more than 800 points in the face of rising rate fears

Worst drop the Dow has seen since February
Rate hikes have spurred a selloff and the Dow Jones Industrial Average received its worst pummeling since February, dropping more than 800 points today. It’s been a tough month for the major indexes with S&P 500 and the Dow down more than 2.7% and 1.6%, respectively. And the Nasdaq has lost more than 5.5%.
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Denver turns to "granny flats" to stave off affordability woes

An urban regeneration coalition in Denver is receiving backing from Fannie Mae to install ADUs in low-income neighborhoods
Auxiliary dwelling units could be the answer to helping low-income households afford to stay in gentrifying areas. According to a report by Donna Bryson from CNBC, the residents of a West Denver neighborhood are taking the affordability issues facing their neck of the woods into their own hands.
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Goldman Sachs economist claims little chance of recession in the next 3 years

Daan Struyven's research indicates the U.S. economy is only midway through its expansion
Worried about the coming recession? Don't be. Goldman Sachs is calling bull on all the bearish naysayers out there. According to the famed firm, the U.S. is only in the middle of its economic expansion and the possibility of a recession in the next three years is “below average.”
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Airbnb petitions SEC for rule change to allow hosts to become shareholders

Proposed change would allow gig economy workers to become part owners of gig-based companies
Airbnb is asking the Securities and Exchange Commission for a rule change so its hosts can become part owners in the company, according to a report from CNBC’s Sara Salinas. The rule in question is Rule 701, an SEC rule governing equity awards of private companies. The changes proposed would allow “gig economy” workers to take up shares in the company.
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Home builders group: New tariffs on Chinese goods are a tax on housing

New tariffs are slated to affect materials related to housing construction
New tariffs against China could add $1 billion in costs to goods involved with housing construction. According to CNBC’s Realty Check, the NAHB estimates that of the 6,000 goods under the umbrella of the latest round of tariffs, roughly 600 products, representing $10 billion in goods, are related to the construction of new apartments and homes.
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Trump "not thrilled" with interest rate hikes

In an interview with CNBC, Trump criticized the Fed's decision to raise interest rates
President Donald Trump says he is "not thrilled" with rising interest rates and that he is "frustrated" with the Federal Reserve. The president said he fears raising interest rates could jeopardize the economic recovery.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Getting Millennials to buy housing is becoming a joke

Plus, some hard hitting housing and economic reports
CNBC reports getting a mortgage is about to get easier. But it's not. At least not with what the reporter is presenting. On the bonus side, it's becoming more and more common to come across funny ways Millennials are intersecting with the houses they don't own. All that and more in your weekly Monday Morning Cup of Coffee.
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CNBC survey: Yes, the Fed will raise interest rates in December

Will likely begin balance sheet reduction in October
A new survey conducted by CNBC shows industry experts are expecting the Fed to raise interest rates in December. While market prices suggest less certainty, 76% of respondents believe the Fed will raise rates. What’s more, many of them also believe the Fed will begin to reduce its balance sheet in October. Here’s what that could mean for the economy.
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