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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Housing isn’t providing the Goldilocks spot for rates

The Fed is under the spotlight, innovations in GSE risk-sharing and more
This week the Fed will be answering to Congress and while there are a dozen other burning questions, the one housing and mortgage finance is watching closest starts with “interest” and ends with “rates.” Plus, the dangers of being a Realtor, as the search for a missing Realtor reaches four weeks.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Housing hangs in the balance

2014: Bust or banner year for housing?
Housing is at a crossroads, with some saying the industry has nowhere to go but up and that all the signs are there for a self-sustaining breakout, while others say it’s on life support and not every twitch is a sign the patient is coming out of a coma. This week will tell us what’s left for the rest of 2014.
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Yellen: Housing remains a big concern

Tells Senate recovery remains fragile
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s second day on Capitol Hill found her focusing on at least three economic vectors tied to housing – fiscal policy, job creation and the tapering of bond buying.
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BofA: Fed seems OK with declining home sales

Don't expect any increase in economic help
"Moreover, at this point, given the continued weakness in mortgage purchase activity, there is no evidence that a robust turn or recovery in sales will be seen in the months ahead," according to BofA analysts.
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