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Deutsche Bank looks at other options to fulfill consumer relief settlement requirements

Works to fulfill $4.1 billion requirement
Deutsche Bank AG is considering options to fulfill its $4.1 billion requirement to provide consumer relief to borrowers as part of a larger legal settlement. As it stands, the bank is struggling to find enough soured U.S. mortgage debt to satisfy the obligation. Here’s the alternative method the bank is looking at.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Markets, jobs data test Fed's taper

An uncertain start to 2014 gets its first test this week in trading
This will be the first full week of trading and everyone’s eyes will be on the upcoming release of December job data and the unemployment rate, and whether the numbers support the Fed’s decision to start tapering monthly bond purchases. The monthly BLS jobs data is among the top metrics watched by the Fed when it considers how to steer monetary policy.
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Fed Expands Loan Facilities; Banks Establish $70 Billion Fund

Updating an earlier email subscriber exclusive sent out last Friday, ten banks said Monday that they've established a $70 billion borrowing facility to bolster liquidity among a battered financial market in the wake of the failure of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. [stock LEH][/stock] and the sale of Merrill Lynch & Co. [stock MER][/stock] to Bank of America Corp. [stock BAC][/stock].
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Goldman, Others Draw SEC's Attention; Fall of Bear Stearns Questioned

Let's play a game of hypotheticals: what if the fall of Bear Stearns was really due to market manipulation by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. [stock GS][/stock] and other Wall Street firms, directly or indirectly spreading false rumors that sent the company's shares into a tailspin? And what if the same sort of chicanery were now responsible for tanking shares at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. [stock LEH][/stock]?
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Deutsche Bank's Jain: Crisis is Solvency, Not Liquidity

Anshu Jain, head of global markets at Deutsche Bank AG [stock DB][/stock], said in remarks Thursday that most financial institutions are now facing a solvency issue around housing -- a surprising assessment, to say the least, and one that underscores just how damaging the continued freefall in U.S. housing is likely to be for financial outfits that invested heavily in the area during the recent run-up.
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