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The second digital mortgage revolution

It will be just as important as the first one
While the second digital revolution won't be advertised with slick commercials of rocket launches, it will be just as important as the first one. The key for this second digital mortgage revolution? Integration.
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Of course women are more likely than men to pay their mortgage

Urban Institute study proves it's high time to level the playing field
Urban Institute released a study showing that, while single women have a harder time getting a loan, they are actually more likely to make their payments. Of course, this is basically just repeating what we all know to be true, but finally there’s a[nother] study that proves it.
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CoreLogic gives University Data Portal an upgrade

Now shows foreclosure data and market trends
“These enhancements significantly expand the scope of research that can be performed through use of the CoreLogic University Data Portal and provide deep insight into the most seismic real estate event of the last 80 years: the mortgage and foreclosure crisis,” said CoreLogic Chief Economist Frank Nothaft.
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ClosingCorp promotes chief innovation officer

Pat Carney promoted from senior vice president
ClosingCorp promoted Pat Carney to chief innovation officer, where he will oversee the strategy behind the company’s technology partnerships and will look at the user experience based on heightened customer needs and expectations.
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