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Ballard Spahr: Here are some questions for the House to ask CFPB Director Cordray

Expands on previous unanswered questions
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray hasn’t gone on record a lot in regards to his stance on the future of the bureau, along with his own future, despite the escalating uncertainty of both. Since the House Financial Services Committee will hold its semiannual hearing on the CFPB on April 5, Ballard Spahr came up with a list of questions that it thinks would be appropriate for committee members to ask Cordray.
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Household debt to hit new record in 2017

All categories of debt increased in Q4
Household debt is set to hit an all-new high in 2017 after showing the largest increase in over a decade. Mortgages made up the majority of household debt in 2016, however student debt is also on the rise.
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Former CFPB attorney pretty much just confirmed the worst fears of the mortgage industry

We may be right, after all
In "The Tragic Downfall of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau," Ronald Rubin, a former enforcement attorney at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and former chief advisor on regulatory policy at the House Financial Services Committee, highlights what he calls the heavy politicization of the CFPB. In doing so, Rubin also just confirmed the worst fears of the mortgage industry.
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The second digital mortgage revolution

It will be just as important as the first one
While the second digital revolution won't be advertised with slick commercials of rocket launches, it will be just as important as the first one. The key for this second digital mortgage revolution? Integration.
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Of course women are more likely than men to pay their mortgage

Urban Institute study proves it's high time to level the playing field
Urban Institute released a study showing that, while single women have a harder time getting a loan, they are actually more likely to make their payments. Of course, this is basically just repeating what we all know to be true, but finally there’s a[nother] study that proves it.
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