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Morningstar plans launch of CMBS 2.0 watchdog watchdog

The headline to this article does not contain a syntax error; Morningstar Credit Ratings is going to put together a new risk assessment service for its clients. Morningstar announced the initiative in an email Monday. The new risk assessment will monitor the potential boom in CMBS 2.0 operating advisors. CMBS 2.0 refers to newly structured commercial mortgage-backed securities. CMBS 2.0 differs from pre-bust CMBS deals in that there are more loans pooled and less perceived operational risk.
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The best sign of economic recovery

Experts will continue to go back and forth about the length of the downturn, whether we've hit bottom yet and how long it will take to return to pre-crash property values. The answers the experts return are bound to be fairly well distributed up and down the spectrum of possibility. I'll probably side with those who use prediction methodologies that I find useful.
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Real Estate Execs Form New Investment Firm

A trio of Los Angeles commercial real estate executives formed a new firm for real estate-based investments. Led by principal Leslie Lundin, LBG Realty Advisors plans to raise $250m in equity by the end of the year for a fund that will be invested from 2010 to 2013. The firm’s investments will focus on acquiring debt backed by distressed retail, multifamily, office and industrial assets, as well as purchasing retail properties and making joint venture investments in the western United States.
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