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Texas-based mortgage call center unexpectedly closes doors

City of El Paso loses promised 699 jobs
Pacific Union Financial unexpectedly closed the doors to its mortgage fulfillment call center, leaving El Paso, Texas, short 699 promised jobs. The center had currently been the workplace of 40 employees, one of whom said the company cited "a lot of hard decisions due to the [mortgage] market" when conducting the layoffs.
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Mortgage lender HomeStreet shuts offices, lays off more than 100 full-timers

More homeowners tap home equity instead of refinancing
"Given the persistent shortage of new and retail housing and increased interest rates, reducing demand for both purchase and refinanced mortgages, along with recent decrease in our composite margins, we took additional steps in the quarter to streamline our mortgage banking operations," CEO Mark Mason explained.
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Employment Picture Remains Cloudy

Economic recovery continues to be stalled by the lack of job growth as the number of planned layoffs by U.S. based employers increased by 11.6% in June. According to a new report on downsizing by research firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the number of layoffs rose for the second consecutive month after reaching a four month low in April. Despite the increase, the total number of layoffs announced in the second quarter was down 12% from the first quarter to 115,057 from 130,749. “The employment picture remains a bit cloudy. Continued slowness in the pace of job cuts is
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