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HUD Secretary Ben Carson lays out his plans for affordable housing and regulatory reform

Carson speaks at NMHC Fall Meeting
On Friday, Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson spoke at the National Multifamily Housing Council’s Fall Meeting. In his remarks, he highlighted the issues facing the American housing market and laid out his plans to address housing shortages and persistent poverty.
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Co-living startup Starcity launches expansion in California

Company is expanding into Los Angeles after success in San Francisco
Purveyors of a growing trend in the multifamily market, Starcity, is expanding its co-living operations to Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the second city Starcity is operating in. San Francisco, a city desperate for affordable housing, was the first.
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The Mortgage Collaborative expands Affordable Lending Outreach pilot program

Partnering with Fannie Mae, TMC members are offering more loans for manufactured homes
The U.S. is in the middle of an affordable housing crisis. That’s because median national rents have been rising much faster than wages and there are few builders focused on affordable housing units. Recognizing this problem, The Mortgage Collaborative launched its Affordable Lending Outreach pilot program with Fannie Mae last year, and has extended the program this year.
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Jimmy Carter: Trump administration ignoring affordable housing crisis

Blasts HUD policies on low-income housing
Former President Jimmy Carter says this country is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis, and something needs to be done about it. In an interview with CNBC this week, Carter said the Trump administration is ignoring the situation and urged voters to take a stand. "Low-income housing needs to be raised much higher as a priority for our country," Carter said.
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Is the U.S. rental market tilted against low-income renters?

A panel of experts explores the issue in a roundtable conversation at Wharton School
Is the U.S. rental market helping to increase inequality? More and more, Americans are turning to renting out of necessity, as the first rung of the property ladder is pulled farther and farther from the ground. But now, thanks to the gargantuan demand for rental units, even finding a rental dwelling is becoming less and less affordable for low-income earners.
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WNC closes $150M fund for affordable housing

Fund will go toward building or renovating more than 1,950 affordable housing units
WNC, an affordable housing development, investment and management company, just closed a $150 million fund for affordable housing. The fund enjoys backing from five repeat investors and was able to garner one new investor to add to its war chest.
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Are real-life Legolands the answer to affordable housing?

With prefab, stackable units, Blokable offers "housing development as a service"
They’re called Bloks – not exactly Lego blocks, but not unlike them either. They are prefabricated housing units, similar to shipping containers, that can be connected and stacked five units high. Through public-private partnerships, Blokable aims to build developments with its manufactured grid system to provide an affordable housing solution.
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NPR: Hospitals are joining the real estate business

Highly concentrated levels of poverty and physical health are connected
Affordability continues to plague the housing industry, leaving some of the nation’s poorest communities struggling just to make ends meet. This is especially true for residents living in “high-risk” communities where poverty usually partners with inadequate housing, violence and sickness, and it's driving hospitals to join the real estate business.
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HUD seeks public comment on AFFH amendments

The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule is up for restructuring
On Monday, HUD announced it is moving forward with its goals of “streamlining” the controversial Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule by inviting public comment on proposed amendments to it. The embattled regulations were originally enacted by the Obama administration to assess and encourage diversity in communities receiving HUD funds.
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