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HUD seeks public comment on AFFH amendments

The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule is up for restructuring
On Monday, HUD announced it is moving forward with its goals of “streamlining” the controversial Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule by inviting public comment on proposed amendments to it. The embattled regulations were originally enacted by the Obama administration to assess and encourage diversity in communities receiving HUD funds.
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Real estate CEO: We need more affordable housing to support the economy

Local economies are suffering from a loss of service employees thanks to a lack of affordability
For local economies to thrive, affordable housing must be built. According to Blake Plumley, CEO of Capital Pursuits, a real estate development and management firm, the affordable housing crisis is having tangible effects on local economies as it puts the squeeze on service workers who must relocate to find places to live.
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Inside look: Freddie Mac's new affordable rent program and its effect on the multifamily market

Here's how the new program addresses affordable housing and return on investment
In a multifamily market struggling to stem the affordable housing crisis, Freddie Mac rolled out a new financial product for multifamily properties that is meant to keep rents affordable for 10 years. HousingWire brings you an inside look at the program, courtesy of its designers at Freddie Mac.
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The Multifamily Movement: Renting steps into the spotlight

More Americans are opting for apartment-style living
Favored as one of the most stable real estate investments, and quickly becoming America’s abode of choice, apartments are inching toward center stage in the residential real estate realm. Skyrocketing home prices, hefty interest rates and demographic trends are creating a perfect storm for multifamily to step into the spotlight. There are 111,054,354 renters in the U.S., according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This represents 35% of the U.S. population, and that number is increasing as people continue to move from rural or low-growth areas to national job nodes.
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Public housing is now smoke-free nationwide

HUD prohibits smoking in or near public housing areas
In 2016 the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced plans to ban smoking in all subsidized housing. Today that plan has been actualized, according to an article by Caitlin O'Kane for CBS News. Notably, public housing tenants must be informed of the smoking ban in their leases, and violators cannot be evicted for only one instance of smoking.
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Housing finance reform’s gridlock problem: Affordable housing

What is standing in the way of reform?
[Expert commentary] Housing finance reform remains the single largest piece of unfinished business of the housing crisis. And the single biggest factor standing in the way of that business is getting agreement on how to ensure that the GSEs serve all Americans, not just the wealthy.
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Rent: San Franciscans' burden to bear

Rent burden has become drastically more prevalent in San Francisco's population over the last 28 years
Over the last 28 years, San Francisco’s population has become drastically more susceptible to rent burden. A study by the San Francisco Planning Commission revealed that people making 80% to 120% of the area median income ($82,900 as of April) have become susceptible to rent burden. Nearly three decades ago, this would have been nearly unheard of.
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Opportunity zone tax breaks tantalize real estate investors

Developers are lining up to get in on tax breaks for investments in low-income "opportunity zones"
The federal tax overhaul brought to life a new tax break for investments in low-income areas dubbed, "opportunity zones." Real estate investors appear excited to deploy capital in these areas and are positioning themselves to develop various kinds of real estate in these areas.
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American Financial Resources offers new manufactured housing finance option

AFR will finance manufactured homes via Fannie Mae's new MH Advantage initiative
American Financial Resources is now offering conventional financing for manufactured homes via the new Fannie Mae initiative, MH Advantage. The new program is designed to promote financing for manufactured homes comparable in quality and features to traditional single-family homes.
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