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U.S. Treasury boasts deregulation reform accomplishments

Says reducing unnecessary burdens will lead to economic growth
Tuesday, the U.S. Department of the Treasury released a 21-page report entitled Regulatory Reform Accomplishments Under President Trump’s Executive Orders, which, as the title suggests, details the actions it has taken toward decreasing regulations.
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Trump officially kills CFPB arbitration rule

Despite last-minute plea from CFPB Cordray to save the rule
The battle over the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s highly contested arbitration rule is finally over. President Donald Trump signed a resolution on Wednesday to officially revoke the rule. The arbitration rule is dead.
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Cordray pleads directly with Trump to save CFPB’s arbitration rule

CFPB director asks Trump to veto Senate vote to kill rule
“Many have told me I am wasting my time writing this letter – that your mind is made up and that your advisors have already made their intentions clear,” Cordray told Trump in a letter. “But you are a smart man, and I think we both know what is really happening here.”
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Vice President Pence casts tie-breaking vote to kill CFPB arbitration rule

Joint resolution moves to President’s desk
After a hard-fought battle and a tie-breaking vote, the repeal of the CFPB’s new arbitration rule passed the House and Senate, and now awaits the president’s signature. While some groups have applauded the Senate for its actions, others said it was a giant step back for every consumer in the U.S.
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Finance groups file lawsuit against CFPB arbitration rule

4 reasons why the rule should be set aside
The latest attack on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s arbitration rule comes from the finance industry. Several finance groups and chambers of commerce filed a lawsuit challenging the rule, listing four reasons why the rule is invalid and should be set aside.
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