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Can you afford to finance a tiny home?

You won't be able to use a traditional loan
As more people buckle under the weight of mortgage and rental rates, alternative housing has become a viable option. Specifically, tiny homes have piqued the interest of those wanting to ditch the picket fence and fat loan. But how affordable is a tiny home? Not very.
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Clayton Homes unveils new tiny home series

Only a matter of time
Clayton Tiny Homes is the homebuilder’s latest venture to capitalize on the growing minimalist trend. The company introduced its new tiny homes to its shareholders over the weekend, and even brought on a new company manager to oversee the division.
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Oregon couple forced out of tiny home

Deemed unsuitable for land it’s on
The city named a tiny home in a residential neighborhood unfit for the land that it’s on. Now, despite housing shortages in the area, the couple was evicted from their home. These homeowners claim the government is going after the wrong people.
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Where's the money in tiny homes?

Here are two ways to capitalize on the minimalist trend
Until recently, the few dozen tiny communities across the country were run largely by proponents of tiny living who had banded together or as affordable housing for the homeless. But that all started to change in 2014, when creating tiny house communities started gaining momentum among some traditional builders who want to have a stake in the new trend.
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Tiny house trend now more accessible than ever thanks to 84 Lumber

Targets all interested parties
The tiny house trend spans all facets of real estate, from housing formerly homeless people in LA to being the home of choice for a professional skier. And the movement is about to get a lot more accessible, with a major national retailer of building materials and services announcing the launch of a series of tiny house models.
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Los Angeles officials begin taking tiny houses from the homeless

Structures deemed safety hazard
Elvis Summers took it upon himself to start a GoFundMe campaign last spring so he could build tiny houses for homeless people in Los Angeles to live in. The mayor's office said it's just not safe for the homeless to live that way. What do you think?
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