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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Black Knight projects record-high home equity

Rising home prices increase available equity and bring underwater borrowers back in the black
Black Knight’s latest Mortgage Monitor report finds that rising home prices have both decreased the number of borrowers underwater on their mortgages while increasing the amount of equity available to homeowners. In fact, home equity could hit a record high this summer. Plus, a mixed-use development on a landfill? Check out the article to learn more.
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Black Knight Financial Services unveils municipal lien search

Company claims solution will “help borrowers reduce risk and unforeseen costs”
Black Knight Financial Services is rolling out a new tool that it will help identify municipal liens that would go unseen in a typical property report and are outside the scope of title insurance coverage. Here are the details.
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Refinance well drying up? Rising interest rates shrink pool of eligible borrowers, again

New Black Knight report shows impact of another week of higher rates
A recent report from Black Knight Financial Services showed that the pool of borrowers who had incentive to refinance shrank over the last several weeks as mortgage interest rates rose above 4%. Now, thanks to another increase in interest rates last week, the pool of borrowers with incentive to refinance is now even smaller.
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Here's the real impact of the post-Trump interest rate spike

Far fewer borrowers with incentive to refinance; homes are less affordable
While still low by historic standards, interest rates are roughly 50-basis points higher now than they were before Donald Trump won the election, and a new report from Black Knight Financial Services shows the real impact of that increase on borrowers and potential borrowers. The bottom line, according to Black Knight’s report, is that housing is less affordable right now than it was before the election.
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Homeowners facing foreclosure hit 9-year low

Black Knight report shows only 1% of all mortgages in active foreclosure
A new report from Black Knight Financial Services shows that by one metric, the housing market is healthier than it’s been since the crisis began. According to new data released Tuesday morning by Black Knight, the rate of loans in active foreclosure is lower right now than at any point in the last nine years.
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Black Knight’s latest innovation: LoanSphere supports entire loan lifecycle

New platform manages loan from origination to servicing and beyond
Black Knight Financial Services introduced a new integrated technology and data platform designed to support the entire lifecycle of a loan. The new platform, which is called LoanSphere, brings together technology, data and analytics that support the mortgage and home equity loan lifecycle.
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Mortgage technology product showcase: Active Insight

Black Knight's hosted data integration platform generates innovative views
Active Insight is powered by the Black Knight Data Hub, which enables clients to access all of their loan data on Black Knight systems, such as Black Knight MSP, Empower, and LoanSphere applications, from a central repository.
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Black Knight: Home prices see largest monthly gain in two years

Home Price Index now just 8.4% below June 2006 peak
The month of March saw the largest monthly gain in home prices in nearly two years, according to a new report from Black Knight Financial Services. Click through to see which states are performing the best and the worst. But note that the worst ones aren't even that bad right now.
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