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Trend spotting: Appraisers take issue with Fannie Mae's Collateral Underwriter

Still several mortgage lender benefits to using this tool
[Op-ed] Is it fair to have 10 different appraiser's reports on a property and then for the lender to use that knowledge against an individual appraiser and question their ability to provide an accurate report? Appraisers seem to think it is unfair or perhaps altogether irrelevant. As an underwriter, here's one trend I'm seeing.
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[Infographic] More than one in three appraisals contain inconsistent property ratings

Platinum Data CEO: Appraisers need to be aware of this
39% of appraisals contained property quality or condition ratings that conflicted with previous ratings on the same property in the third quarter of 2015. Phil Huff, president and CEO of Platinum Data Solutions, explains why this could be happening and what the industry needs to do about it.
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Myths of Collateral Underwriter: An appraiser's perspective

High CU risk scores don't automatically trigger AQM reviews
High CU risk scores do not automatically trigger AQM reviews, and lenders using CU should not consider its feedback as necessarily reflective of an individual appraiser’s work. CU has an adjustment comparison tab that can show the appraisal report adjustments against the CU model’s adjustments.
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Appraisal disruption

Is Fannie Mae right to think that Collateral Underwriter is the answer to appraisal quality?
Typically, for a process and a product that depends largely on human effort, if you want a higher quality product, you have to pay more. The best doctors, chefs, mechanics and attorneys all make more than the market average. Nevertheless, lenders, AMCs and Fannie Mae all expect appraisal quality to increase even as appraiser fees decrease.
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