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Bond Insurer MBIA said to experience huge data leak

Customer account numbers, balances, other sensitive data exposed
Due to a misconfiguration in a company Web server on Monday, Municipal Bond Insurance Association, the nation’s largest bond insurer, exposed countless customer account numbers, balances and other sensitive data, according to the same security firm that called the Home Depot data breach.
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What a difference a year makes

Flagstar “a favored stock pick” after a rough year
Lender Flagstar Bank doesn’t exactly personify the old ‘phoenix rising from the ashes’ story line, but it’s pretty close. With most rep and warrants litigation behind it, the firm's stock is gaining traction in the eyes of at least one analyst group.
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MBIA raises money selling put-back claims

Sales involve claims related to insured loans from RFC, ResCap and GMAC
Monoline insurer MBIA managed to distance itself from loans tied to the bankruptcy estates of Residential Funding Co., Residential Cap and GMAC. The company sold its interest in claims against the firms this week.
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MBIA says it’s sitting prettier, analysts agree

Bond insurer no longer worried about being an 'ongoing concern'
It’s been a rough few years for bond insurer MBIA, but after settling legacy mortgage-backed securities litigation with Bank of America and Société Générale, the bond insurer assured investors this week in a securities filing that all major doubts about the firm’s future are over.
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