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5 keys to protect your private information online

Lessons from the aftermath of the massive Equifax data breach
[Expert commentary] There is no way to fully protect your private information online, unless you avoid using digital tools altogether. However, this is not an option for most people, so the next best thing to do is to use caution when providing private information. To help, here are 5 steps to protect your private information online.
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The true digital mortgage

Automation can help lenders generate more leads and close loans faster
We hear a lot these days about the benefits of the “digital mortgage.” The term is widely overused, yet its promoters have largely under-delivered on its true promise. Often they are simply referring to the online applications that have been available for well over a decade. If the digital mortgage really streamlines that process, why does it still take up to 60 days to close a loan?
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Matic Insurance Services announces partnership with LendingQB

Move streamlines homeowners insurance process
Matic Insurance Services, a digital homeowners insurance agency for mortgage borrowers, partnered with LendingQB, a provider of loan origination technology, to further digitalize the mortgage process. This marks the second partnership Matic has announced in September.
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ServiceLink and Roostify partner to automate settlement services

Creates a shorter timeline to close a loan
A new partnership between ServiceLink, a provider of mortgage transaction services, and Roostify, an automated lending technology provider, will further automate the origination process. ServiceLink technology will connect with Roostify processes, to help bring settlement services into the digital mix.
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Maxwell adds former Roostify, Mercury Network exec Scott Stein as vice president

Will oversee sales and business development
Maxwell, a provider of digital mortgage software and a winner of HousingWire Magazine’s 2017 HW Tech100, announced Monday that it added Scott Stein as the company’s new vice president of sales and business development. In this role with Maxwell, Stein will focus on leading the company’s growth in the mortgage business.
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As-a-Service: Your fast pass to digital mortgage

Accenture reimagines the as-a-service model to give lenders first-mover advantage
For the new generation of homebuyers, digital lending means ease of use and digital communication methods. To the industry, it means all of that and more. The result is a new virtual land rush that we wrote about in a new white paper that is available now. Institutions that stake their claim first in the mind of the consumer will have first mover advantage in the new mortgage market. Digital lending is the new requirement, but there’s a fast pass available to lenders who want to get there now.
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Matic Insurance Services partners with Roostify to streamline homeowners insurance

Matic software to integrate with Roostify’s digital lending platforms
Roostify, an automated lending technology provider and HousingWire 2017 Tech 100 winner, announced a partnership with Matic Insurance Services, a digital homeowners insurance agency for mortgage borrowers. The integrations brings one of the final steps in the home-buying process online.
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Morgan Stanley makes big push into mortgage originations

Moves operations in-house
Morgan Stanley plans to bring its mortgage origination business in-house, as the bank ramps up the business to create a bigger presence in the mortgage market. Along with a digital mortgage that’s expected to launch the first half of 2018, the company now plans to bring its operations in-house to smooth out the mortgage process.
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The case for the fully digital mortgage

Take it one step at a time
[Expert commentary] I call today upon our industry to work even harder to make the fully digital mortgage a reality. While there are risks to changing the way we originate, record and transfer mortgage loans, the benefits far outweigh those risks. It’s in the consumer’s best interest, and in our best interests as well.
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Does your mortgage technology measure up?

Tips on how to choose and adopt the right vendor
[Expert commentary] Today’s consumers are accustomed to making instant banking transactions and home searches from the palms of their hands, and they expect this kind of ease of use across industries. Ultimately, the best lenders are those who will bring greater transparency to the borrower, which often requires the adoption of new technology as it comes available. Here are different categories of technology every lender should be using and key considerations in choosing and adopting the right vendor.
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