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Credit unions no exception to growing digital demand

'Embrace digital technology, or face risks'
While known for their more personal relationship with borrowers, credit unions are still subject to the pitfalls of not going digital. A new study found that credit unions that offer fewer digital services are losing assets. Here's how much going digital is helping/hurting their bottom line.
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EXCLUSIVE: First Guaranty Mortgage goes digital, buys

Move represents expansion of consumer-direct lending operations
First Guaranty Mortgage Corp. is acquiring, an online mortgage lender, as FGMC plans to expand its digital presence. According to the company, was one of the "early pioneers" in online direct consumer lending, and its robust online lending platform made it attractive to FGMC.
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The digital mortgage revolution is happening now. Are you ready?

The new normal for mortgages
How fast is the digital mortgage revolution happening? Before I could even finish a feature piece for HousingWire’s magazine on digital innovation, get it edited, published and put on the website, let alone delivered in the mail, Wells Fargo rolled out an entirely new, more simplified and streamlined mortgage app for cell phones. Today’s digital pace of change is faster than fast. Are you moving with it?
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Dotloop announces partnership with Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies

Will integrate Dotloop's programs into Lone Wolf's software
Dotloop, a Cincinnati-based company that boasts it can simplify real estate transactions by enabling brokerages, real estate agents, and their clients to share, edit, sign and store documents digitally, announced a partnership with Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, a provider of residential real estate solutions and services in North America.
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Q&A: The next step for digital mortgages in 2016

Lenders now focus on driving customer experience

The more the industry gets accustomed to digital mortgages, the more areas it will need to expand into. After largely achieving compliance with TRID this year, lenders are pivoting to focus on customer centricity. Here are the challenges the industry faces and the next steps to compete in the digital world.

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Game changer? Quicken Loans takes mortgage lending fully digital

Launches Rocket Mortgage
Quicken Loans now officially offers a fully online mortgage through its new end-to-end online product Rocket Mortgage. The move comes as the industry increases its push for companies to go digital due to regulatory pressure combined with consumer expectations for convenient and efficient service. Is this the latest sign that digital is the new normal?
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Google launches mortgage comparison tool with Zillow

LendingTree will also bring mortgages to Google
Well, it’s official. Google has come to mortgages. After first being reported earlier this year, Google is launching its own mortgage comparison tool via its Compare service. Here's more about Google's big mortgage move with Zillow and LendingTree.
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Is your company leading the technology revolution? Prove it

Deadline quickly approaching for entry in HousingWire tech awards
The technological revolution is happening, right now. Here at HousingWire, we see that innovation happening and feel it deserves some serious kudos. The shouting it from the rooftops kind, to be exact. It’s in that spirit that HousingWire honors the most innovative innovators who’ve innovated in the most innovative ways in the last year.
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Citi puts power of digital mortgages to the test

Pulls back from retail operations in the northeast
Citi will pull out of its retail operations in the Massachusetts market early next year. The bank was careful to say it wasn’t abandoning mortgage lending in the Bay State, but the decision moves a lot of the lending pressure to the strength of its digital mortgage platform. And not everyone thinks digital is the best option.
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