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PCLender partners with Blend to bring digital mortgages to more lenders

Integrates loan origination system with advanced customer experience
PCLender, a provider of internet-based mortgage solutions for community banks and credit unions, announced this week that it is entering into a partnership with Blend to bring digital mortgages to more lenders. As a result of the partnership, lenders who use PCLender will be able to use Blend’s platform to create an end-to-end digital mortgage experience for consumers.
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This is where mortgage technology is headed

One day soon, entire lending process will be online
Technology is revolutionizing the way our world thinks, works, communicates and even plays. When it comes to the housing industry, however, it seems to lag a bit behind, but that could all be about to change. Panelists from the MBA conference in Boston chime in on the subject.
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Sindeo launches 5-minute digital mortgage

Consumers in general push for more technology
Earlier this year, Sindeo’s CEO stated that consumers in general, not just Millennials, are pushing the home financing industry to go digital. Consumers now expect technology since they’ve already experienced it. In light of this, Sindeo announced the launch of its newest technology, SindeoOne.
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The digital mortgage makes its way to local, smaller lenders

Levels the playing field as customers demand pure-mobile mortgages
Now that lenders spent a year to digest their first priority, TRID, more financial institutions are ready to look at the possibility of offering a fully digital mortgage. And even if they are not ready, borrowers, no matter what their age, are demanding it. Are you ready?
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The fatal price tag of not investing in digital innovation for Millennials

Here’s where to find the demand
The coveted group of potential borrowers who were born between 1981 and 2000 are a key variable in why financial institutions need to and should invest their capital in financial innovation. If they choose not to, they lose on the next generation of consumers. So where will most Millennials choose to do business? Nonbank financial services, digital platforms and technology providers
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Mid America Mortgage to correspondent lenders: We'll buy your eNotes

Recent survey showed dearth of willing investors in digital mortgages
A recent survey conducted by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac showed that one of the obstacles preventing the mortgage industry from going fully digital is a lack of investors willing to buy digitally created mortgages. But now, there’s one more investor willing to buy a digital mortgage note.
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Industry throws wet blanket on the digital mortgage revolution

GSE survey results show reality of mortgage business
Over the last few years, publications just like this one spilled a significant amount of ink on the digital mortgage revolution — that is the effort to take the cumbersome, paper-intensive mortgage process online. Innovations like Quicken Loans’ Rocket Mortgage show the mortgage industry is undergoing a technological shift, but just how many hurdles still need to be cleared before the industry can go fully digital? Quite a few, as it turns out.
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