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Observations from ABS Vegas: The long-anticipated deal agent is nearly here...

But now where are all the deals?
The main reason why we’re not seeing new private-label mortgage deals, at the moment, is that the economics of private-label securitization simply don’t work in the current low-rate environment. Prime jumbo securitizations have slowed significantly. In 2015, for example, Kroll said 38 prime jumbo deals came to market, but in 2016, year to date, that number (by my count) is two.
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El-Erian: This is how to unleash a ton of capital into the markets

Allianz economist warns of instability, what's needed to survive
The result of the fluidity in all these areas is that "the system starts to crumble slowly," Allianz Chief Economic Advisor Mohamed El-Erian said to a standing-room-only crowd at the ABS Vegas conference Monday. "The financial, economic, political — all these are overstretched." And this is why.
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Is risk retention the least intrusive regulation?

Thoughts on Barney Frank's latest speech
The private sector should be free to innovate and the public sector should set rules that prevent the negative externalities with minimum impedance of the private sector. In my opinion, don’t fix what (the market) didn’t break.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: The 4 shifts needed to boost new home sales

Castro to face grilling by House committee; ABS Vegas preview
What four things do builders and developers need to do to boost new home sales? What's expected at ABS Vegas this week? And what kind of reception will HUD Secretary Julián Castro receive from the House Financial Services Committee this week? Those answers and more contained herein.
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