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Executive Conversation: Jonathan Corr on how automation drives the consumer experience

Ellie Mae innovates around regulation
I think the goal of Know Before You Owe is a noble one — to make it more transparent for the consumer. But it was a lot more than one or two forms — it was a massive change from the standpoint of business processes, workflow, rules, all the things people had been doing for 30-40 years. It was a pretty dramatic change.
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Executive Conversation: Mark McElroy on the benefits of eClosings

Pavaso platform connects consumers with all original stakeholders
In addition to facilitating the closing transaction, Pavaso has built in additional functionality to keep the consumer engaged within the platform throughout their homeownership lifecycle and connected with all the various stakeholders from the original transaction, not just the lender.
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Executive Conversation: Garrett Clayton on Millennial homeownership

AmCap Mortgage partners with clients to maximize customer satisfaction
In order to attract the younger, tech-savvy borrower, we provide self-service tools to allow the borrower to handle a large portion of the loan process, if they desire, as well as real-time notifications of the progress/status of their file. We use a number of methods including our mobile responsive website, secure self-service web portals, and a custom AmCap mobile app.
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Executive Conversation: Michele McGovern on the benefits of real-time analysis

Alight Mortgage Lending solution delivers critical data to decision makers
Real-time, dynamic analysis is crucial for lenders who want to keep their organization in a proactive state, rather than just reacting to market changes. They don’t have to sit back and wait for things to change in the industry — they can make contingency plans by running different scenarios and compare them side-by-side.
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Executive Conversation: Sal Miosi on developing targeted solutions for customers

MGIC is focused on customer engagement, credit enhancement solutions and new business opportunities
The benefit of having a high-level, cross-functional team lead our innovation efforts is that it shortens cycle times. We can move from idea to launch with speed because key parties are engaged at all points in the product design and implementation process simultaneously as opposed to serially.
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Executive Conversation: Jason Roth on the industry's TRID readiness

ComplianceEase helps lenders get it right
So, for the moment, our industry has some more breathing room. Make no mistake about it, however, now that consumers (read the plaintiff’s bar) can sue over Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) / Truth in Lending Act (TILA) defects, from now on, every closing is a potential lawsuit for the lender.
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